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Building a blog has been a fabulous journey for Me . I am thrilled to share information with other  bloggers. One of the first things I did was to create an editorial schedule. Once a week, on Sunday, I publish a post. A regular commitment brings consistent  results. This pace works for Me very well. If I have extra time available, I work on a post for the following week. Alternatively, I work to improve and update Pages in My Blog. Currently, this  includes: Home/About/Holistic Session Menu/Anthology of a Blog/Contact. For the first month or two, I spent most of My time preparing a weekly post.  After starting a blog the next issue at hand was  to develop a following.I started this process by joining several Facebook Groups related to Blogging.  Right now I am in about four groups. The first few groups I joined were not quite right for Me. I continued to search for Facebook Groups that focused on the objectives important to Me. In this process, it is crucial to participate in Facebook Group events as much as possible.  A typical event schedule for such a Facebook Group might be:

  • Instagram Monday
  • Twitter Tuesday
  • Website Wednesday
  • Pinterest Thursday
  • Facebook Friday

Make sure all of the share buttons for social media platforms are highly visible, and functional   Test all share buttons to confirm this. The design of Your blog may seem overwhelming.  There are many technical aspects to consider. Once You begin to share posts on social media platforms, people will be viewing and reading Your content on a regular basis. You will want to put Your best foot forward. To build a better website, investigate all of the different options MOJO Marketplace  has to offer.


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Build social media profiles to build up the following of Your Blog. This will vary for each blogger. For Myself, I favour Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, Stumble On, and Instagram. This selection will vary, according to Your business niche. My Blog focuses on My holistic practice The Quartz Path .  As I had already established social media pages for The Quartz Path earlier on, I focused on adding  blog content to share with existing followers. I like  to update social media profile information on a regular basic. It is important to align profile content with the needs of potential clients and followers. As You navigate through this process always remember help is available. Email marketing is the most important promotional tool I use to build a following for My business. I started with email promotion as soon as My first Blog Post was written. MOJO Marketplace combines exceptional technical knowledge with excellent customer service and support. Do not hesitate to seek professional advice when You feel You need it. Take advantage of the Coupon Code below – It may be applied to anything, except MOJO Marketplace’s third party services.


Use the Coupon Code thequartzpath15

Never overlook the most important advantage of building a Blog. A Blog allows You to position Yourself as an expert. This is true regardless of Your market niche.  Blogging offers the opportunity to create unique and amazing content. As Your content grows,  opportunity will knock. Build  Your Business today with MOJO Marketplace.