Ten Ways To Build Health And Vitality

Too often, we take our health for granted. When illness arrives, we panic. The best strategy is to build health and wellness by making wise lifestyle choices. Take action to build health and vitality. Many of the following suggestions are old fashioned common sense.

  1. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol,  along with the use of recreational drugs. Join support groups or seek professional guidance to accomplish this if necessary. Drugs  alcohol  and cigarettes,  tear apart health, families and careers.
  2. Cultivate a healthy diet. If You have special health issues ask Your doctor to refer You to a professional dietcian  In this manner You will be able to create a customised meal plan which is right for You. Avoid extreme fad diets. Instead cultivate healthy eating. When ever possible, purchase organic foods.
  3. Discover a form of exercise that You really love. Experiment until You discover what is right for you. Never waste Your time on activities You hate.  If You love what You are doing, You will develop consistent exercise routine. There are countless options to consider for exercise. I have discovered I like cycling, yoga and swimming for exercise. I also work in My garden and on home renovations.
  4. Find time for relaxation. Create a relaxing bedtime ritual to follow each night before bed. A  good night’s sleep is one of the most important health building tips. While We sleep, our body recharges and our cells are regenerated. Make restful sleep an important priority.
  5. Create wellness plan with Your doctor and  health care providers. Consider the benefits of massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, reflexology or reiki. Complimentary therapies are a wonderful tool to build wellness  and energy .Ask Your Doctor questions. This is important. You have the right to be fully informed to the  advantages and disadvantages of any treatment or prescription.
  6. Plan quiet time for meditation or  prayer . Create a sacred space for this in Your home or garden. Spending time on spiritual development is essential  to well being. True balance and and success requires the balance of spirit,  mind, and body.
  7. I have always enjoyed reading  spiritual and metaphysical books and have a small library of such books in My home.

  8. Learn something new – Develop a new skill, hobby or interest. Develop Your interests.  Self expression is an important activity. We need to learn to speak up and speak out.
  9. Consider vitamins  and supplements to boost immunity and vitality. Research this carefully for best results. For extensive research, hit the library. Be wary of scams, while remaining open to new products. Experiment to see what works for you. There are so many options availaible.
  10. Learn to let go of negative thinking, negative situations, and negative people. Surround yourself with positive upbeat friends. This is an important process. We often accept the bad behaviour of others without questioning the effects on ourselves. Be compassionate to the problems of others, but be firm. Do not take on the baggage of others.
  11. Learn the art of visualisation. This is a fun and dynamic way to set goals and make things happen Learn to create a vision board. This is a powerful way to to accomplish goals and make changes in Your lifestyle. I have used vision boards for years. The results are fantastic.




Healing With Reiki

Reiki is a gentle and effective complimentary therapy. Translated from the Japanese, Rei means “universal”. Ki  translated is “life force”. Traditional Chinese Medicine refers  to this universal life force as “Chi” In Yoga, it is called “Prana”. In the West, this force has been refered to as “Manna”” or “The Holy Spirit”. Reiki transmutes universal life force energy through the healer to the client. Although the teachings and principals of Reiki are deeply rooted in Buddhism. Reiki is not a religion. Mikao Usui  developed Reiki to be used by people of all faiths. Read more in the  following link below features an article about Mikado Usui.

Buddha 5

The Life And Times Of Mikao Usui

When the flow of life force energy within the body becomes stagnant or blocked, disease manifests. Reiki is an effective tool for clearing  energy blockages on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The human aura is composed of seven  layers  – Each of these layers corresponds to one of the seven Chakras. Each one of the seven Chakras corresponds to a gland within the endocrine system This demonstrates the flow of Reiki from the etheric fields to the physical body.  To clear and heal  blockages in the human auric field, a Reiki session may be essential.

Reiki may be performed on a massage table using the traditional sequence of hand placements positions.  Additional  energy work on the auric field  or the Chakras may be  required.  A Reiki Practitioner may also use Reiki healing crystals to amplify or adjust energy flow during the session. I have three  quartz crystals, and two amethyst crystals I use during  Reiki sessions. Reiki symbols are important tool in Reiki. The symbols may be used for emotional balance, clearing energy blockages, or to build vitality.   Each experience during a Reiki session unique to the Client. Sensations and responses observed will vary according to the Client’s healing process. Typical reactions could include feeling hot, or feeling cold, or feeling light headed. As a session concludes, it is important to assist the Client into a sitting position slowly and carefully.   The Client must be grounded into the physical body before standing up.  A classic session usually lasts one hour. Reiki is an effective tool in promoting relaxation. To combat stress and anxiety, consider a  Reiki. session. Pictured below, find a link to Louise L Hay’s classic guide to metaphysical healing. I keep a copy of this book close at hand. Her research and suggestions are priceless.


Heal Your Body

Reiki may also be used to clear rooms, homes, buildings, and properties of negative energy. In Reiki, distance healing is an option. Distance healing  includes working with the element of time – the past, the present, and the future. This is an excellent strategy for  dealing with past childhood trauma or heartache. Planning for the future is another way to utilize long distance Reiki energy. Many traumatic issues may be addressed in this manner.    If You are interested in Reiki,  be sure to read more in the following article belowalberta center for peace and meditation 003

The Wisdom And Teachings Of Reiki

How To Attract More Love Into Your Life

Love is a healing force. There are many channels through  which love may flow. Romantic love,  love of family and children, self love, love of one’s  home, community, or country. One thing is certain –  Everyone  and everything on the planet can use more love. Love is a priceless currency.   Our pets instinctively practice the art of unconditional love. Free of judgement,  a pet will remind us to stop and play or cuddle,  A pet is happy to see You after a long day at work. It is interesting to note owning a pet may improve health and well being. Animals teach and show Us the true value of love.



Many people seek  romantic love. With February 14  approaching,  Love will be merchandised one more time. Flowers, jewelry and chocolates will be delivered. Children will exchange Valentine’s Day cards. Many women create exquisite cupcakes and cookies for family and friend. Chocolates are always a great gift choice.


Godiva Chocolatier Valentine’s Day Fabric Heart

Make a long list of all the people, places, and things You love. Take time out to create this list. After You have finished, set it aside in a heart shaped box. . The first time I created such a  list, I was surprised at how happy I felt as I completed this process. I felt fantastic because I was focusing on activities and things I loved. Each week take time out to review this  list.

The Quartz Path Roses

Everyone hopes and yearns  for love. The solution to this is very  simple. To experience more love in Your life, become a more loving person. Make love and compassion a daily process.  Give up sarcasm. gossip. and complaining. See the best qualities in every person Focus on solutions instead of problems. Find love from within. Share this love. Too many people build walls and obstacles with judgement and fear. Let go of grudges and learn to forgive people.

Emotional issues related to the heart include jealousy. Contrary to popular belief, jealousy is not an indication of love.  It is a sign of low self esteem. True love builds from within, and expands outward. The heart is the main component of the circulatory system. Cultivate habits to promote heart health. Heart disease may result with the introduction of  stress into a person’s life. Connect with others. Isolation builds fear into unseen monster.  Support a cause You believe in. Volunteers literally demonstrate the power of  ” love in action “.

The heart chakra is an energy vortex located  throughout the cardio plexus area of the body. The sanskrit name  for the heart chakra is Anahata. The seed sound is “Yam”. Green is the official color associated with this chakra. The thymus gland is the corresponding component of the endocrine system. If You are interested in learning more about the Chakras , I recommend this box kit. It includes a workbook, two audio CDs. and Chakra Cards. I was able to purchase this wonderful resource  directly  from the author, Anodea Judith,  at The Body Mind Soul Expo in Edmonton.