Pets and Unconditional Love

Our pets offer us unconditional love. Free of judgement and prejudice, a pet is always there to support us after a long, hard day at work. How often have You returned home to find Your dog or cat waiting patiently by the window or the door  as You arrive home? My Cat, Charlotte often sits by the kitchen window. She seems to know I am on My way home. As I arrive, she purrs a friendly hello, and gives me a playful head but. When I work too many long hours She does not hesitate to voice Her disapproval. I adopted Charlotte when She was only seven weeks old at an SPCA adoption event in a pet store in West Edmonton Mall. She was so tiny !!! I raised Charlotte from kitten hood. I trained Her to answer to Her name “Charlotte” early on, using a bell and quite a few treats !!!august 16, 2008 003I don’t know what My life would be without Her. She has Her own unique personality. She is very vocal and loves to talk. Friendly with all, She loves visitors. She loves to play games. Other favorite activities include napping, eating , hiding in boxes, and pouncing from behind a doorway. Charlotte spends most of Her time indoors, but I do let Her outdoors, with supervision, of course. I live in central downtown Edmonton. I have never allowed Her to roam overnight in the neighborhood. There is too much traffic. Safety is a big concern for pet owners in a large city.


Many of My neighbors have pets. This provides Charlotte with lots of company and companionship. The Two dogs which live next door are two of Her dearest friends. Many cats in the neighborhood drop in to visit Charlotte as well also. I may as well have a sign posted reading ” Cats Welcome” !!!

Our pets help us to relax, to play, and to slow down and smell the roses. Cat owners are documented as  having healthier blood pressure levels. Dog owners get a brisk amount of  fresh air and exercise walking a dog each day, several times. Charlotte is always there for Me. I don’t get sick often, but if I have a cold or the flu,  She keeps a watchful vigil throughout the night, as I sleep.  She often sneaks into the bathroom, as I  am taking a bath to supervise the process. There is no end to Her fun and frolic. Each morning, on arising, She holds court with a detailed and varied conversation of meowing. This is Her way of starting the day. Charlotte expects Me  to participate, one hundred per cent.


If You have ever considered adopting a cat from a shelter, I recommend You do so. Offering a home to a cat could be life changing for Yourself as well as Your cat. Unconditional love is a priceless gift. There are many events around the world held weekly to help cats find wonderful and loving homes. Do not hesitate. You will find a friend for life.


Ten Ways To Build Health And Vitality

Too often, we take our health for granted. When illness arrives, we panic. The best strategy is to build health and wellness by making wise lifestyle choices. Take action to build health and vitality. Many of the following suggestions are old fashioned common sense.

  1. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol,  along with the use of recreational drugs. Join support groups or seek professional guidance to accomplish this if necessary. Drugs  alcohol  and cigarettes,  tear apart health, families and careers.
  2. Cultivate a healthy diet. If You have special health issues ask Your doctor to refer You to a professional dietcian  In this manner You will be able to create a customised meal plan which is right for You. Avoid extreme fad diets. Instead cultivate healthy eating. When ever possible, purchase organic foods.
  3. Discover a form of exercise that You really love. Experiment until You discover what is right for you. Never waste Your time on activities You hate.  If You love what You are doing, You will develop consistent exercise routine. There are countless options to consider for exercise. I have discovered I like cycling, yoga and swimming for exercise. I also work in My garden and on home renovations.
  4. Find time for relaxation. Create a relaxing bedtime ritual to follow each night before bed. A  good night’s sleep is one of the most important health building tips. While We sleep, our body recharges and our cells are regenerated. Make restful sleep an important priority.
  5. Create wellness plan with Your doctor and  health care providers. Consider the benefits of massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, reflexology or reiki. Complimentary therapies are a wonderful tool to build wellness  and energy .Ask Your Doctor questions. This is important. You have the right to be fully informed to the  advantages and disadvantages of any treatment or prescription.
  6. Plan quiet time for meditation or  prayer . Create a sacred space for this in Your home or garden. Spending time on spiritual development is essential  to well being. True balance and and success requires the balance of spirit,  mind, and body.
  7. I have always enjoyed reading  spiritual and metaphysical books and have a small library of such books in My home.

  8. Learn something new – Develop a new skill, hobby or interest. Develop Your interests.  Self expression is an important activity. We need to learn to speak up and speak out.
  9. Consider vitamins  and supplements to boost immunity and vitality. Research this carefully for best results. For extensive research, hit the library. Be wary of scams, while remaining open to new products. Experiment to see what works for you. There are so many options availaible.
  10. Learn to let go of negative thinking, negative situations, and negative people. Surround yourself with positive upbeat friends. This is an important process. We often accept the bad behaviour of others without questioning the effects on ourselves. Be compassionate to the problems of others, but be firm. Do not take on the baggage of others.
  11. Learn the art of visualisation. This is a fun and dynamic way to set goals and make things happen Learn to create a vision board. This is a powerful way to to accomplish goals and make changes in Your lifestyle. I have used vision boards for years. The results are fantastic.



The Value Of Self Love

Love is a healing force. We may not be able to see love with our eyes, but often feel the vibration of love as it descends. Love in action is indeed a force to behold. Unconditional love is a builder of miracles. It is My view that love resides within us, waiting to be released and shared. We block love when We allow fear, anger and judgement to prevail in Our  thinking. We choose not to trust or believe in the good around us.  Family traditions may create or break a person’s self esteem The school yard is often full of bullies. Sophisticated and jaded friends may feel love is a  sham. Popular culture often distorts the value of a positive self image. Is it  any wonder We feel We need to search for love out side of the self.

Where there is love there is hope. Where there is love there is a flicker of light ready to ignite into an explosion of joy. We seek love outside of Ourselves,  We chase it like an escaped  bird in flight.  However love is built from within. Remove the barriers You have built, one by one. This is an important process. Take time to unravel any baggage wrapped around the body, mind and spirit..  As You seek answers for Yourself, consider the following book  You Can Heal Your Life . written  by  the great metaphysical healer, author and publisher, Lousie L Hay.  I have found this book to be  very valuable resource. I often keep an extra copy of this book to share with a friend or a client.



As an empath, I feel energy and thought forms of people around Me. I have discovered  and studied many ways to create a protective energy field around me. Because of this I am able to feel vibrations of love and peace around me. I often clear the energy in My treatment room or home using Reiki. There are many ways to clear heavy stagnant energy in a room. Physically cleaning the room is a good strategy. I like to do this using natural cleaning products.  After this is accomplished, open the window to let in some fresh air.


You Can Heal Your Life COMPANION BOOK

In all of Her work, Louise L. Hay emphasised the importance of self love and self acceptance. This is something We all need to consider. Self love is not an egotistical indulgence. If love is to grow from within, self love is a seed planted in Our hearts. Love requires nourishment to grow and flourish. This requires practice, patience and persistence as We weed out the influence of the negative ego, along with any other negative programming. As You start this journey You may feel as though You are meeting Your true self for the very first time.  As You untangle emotional traumas,  You may  feel lighter and happier.The workbook pictured above is an excellent resource for accomplishing this. Self discovery is a valuable and wonderful journey.

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