Earth Day 2014 642

Healing is a journey which begins from within. At The Quartz Path the decision to heal is recognized. A message within Your heart has called out. Inner wisdom is leading You on a path to wellness. Follow Your intuition, this is part of Your healing process. Listen, learn, and heal. Listen to the messages the physical body sends. This is how You truly feel deep inside. Often We ignore signals, clues, and signs.  We push forward with more activity and poor nutrition in a stressful environment. This must be reversed for wellness to return.  Take time out for Yourself. The first step is to recognize anything is possible. If You have any questions,  I would love to hear from You. Feel free to message Me anytime. I look forward to hearing from You. Feel free to email me @

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The Dragonfly is a symbol of transformation. The spirit of the wind, the moon and the stars are entwined within the  dragonfly.  Change is uncertain and unpredictable, yet it is constant. To move towards wellness requires facing who We truly are. Embrace  the past, the present and the future. This is who You are.