Healing With Reiki

Reiki is a gentle and effective complimentary therapy. Translated from the Japanese, Rei means “universal”. Ki  translated is “life force”. Traditional Chinese Medicine refers  to this universal life force as “Chi” In Yoga, it is called “Prana”. In the West, this force has been refered to as “Manna”” or “The Holy Spirit”. Reiki transmutes universal life force energy through the healer to the client. Although the teachings and principals of Reiki are deeply rooted in Buddhism. Reiki is not a religion. Mikao Usui  developed Reiki to be used by people of all faiths. Read more in the  following link below features an article about Mikado Usui.

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The Life And Times Of Mikao Usui

When the flow of life force energy within the body becomes stagnant or blocked, disease manifests. Reiki is an effective tool for clearing  energy blockages on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The human aura is composed of seven  layers  – Each of these layers corresponds to one of the seven Chakras. Each one of the seven Chakras corresponds to a gland within the endocrine system This demonstrates the flow of Reiki from the etheric fields to the physical body.  To clear and heal  blockages in the human auric field, a Reiki session may be essential.

Reiki may be performed on a massage table using the traditional sequence of hand placements positions.  Additional  energy work on the auric field  or the Chakras may be  required.  A Reiki Practitioner may also use Reiki healing crystals to amplify or adjust energy flow during the session. I have three  quartz crystals, and two amethyst crystals I use during  Reiki sessions. Reiki symbols are important tool in Reiki. The symbols may be used for emotional balance, clearing energy blockages, or to build vitality.   Each experience during a Reiki session unique to the Client. Sensations and responses observed will vary according to the Client’s healing process. Typical reactions could include feeling hot, or feeling cold, or feeling light headed. As a session concludes, it is important to assist the Client into a sitting position slowly and carefully.   The Client must be grounded into the physical body before standing up.  A classic session usually lasts one hour. Reiki is an effective tool in promoting relaxation. To combat stress and anxiety, consider a  Reiki. session. Pictured below, find a link to Louise L Hay’s classic guide to metaphysical healing. I keep a copy of this book close at hand. Her research and suggestions are priceless.


Heal Your Body

Reiki may also be used to clear rooms, homes, buildings, and properties of negative energy. In Reiki, distance healing is an option. Distance healing  includes working with the element of time – the past, the present, and the future. This is an excellent strategy for  dealing with past childhood trauma or heartache. Planning for the future is another way to utilize long distance Reiki energy. Many traumatic issues may be addressed in this manner.    If You are interested in Reiki,  be sure to read more in the following article belowalberta center for peace and meditation 003

The Wisdom And Teachings Of Reiki


Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life.

Have You ever wondered what Reiki is all about ? Allow Me to share My experience        with You.  Reiki was instrumental in assisting Me to permanent  changes in My life.  As    I navigated through premenopause, I  developed uterine fibroids.  My diagnosis was not dangerous or life threatening, however I suffered from many of the typical symptoms of estrogen dominance. This included heavy bleeding for at least five days a month, combined with volatile mood swings. I was overwhelmed with the choices at hand. The first Doctor I spoke with recommended a specialist. A hysterectomy was suggested. I felt this was an extreme course of action. I decided to seek a second opinion. This Doctor suggested a different, less invasive options of medication or surgery.  Finally, I spoke with yet another Doctor.  I had attended school with Her in My childhood. She explained that uterine fibroids often shrink at the onset of menopause.  Because I was approaching this milestone, She suggested I wait to see what would happen, while continuing to check in with a medical doctor through out this process. This was the strategy I decided on. My next step was to visit the public library. I was determined to find an easier,  safer way to balance My hormones. I signed out books related to My health dilemma . My selections focused on a holistic approach to healing and wellness. Many of the symptoms I had suffered from dissolved as I investigated and experimented with a few strategies I discovered in My library books.
One of the healing modalities I have used with great success is Connected Breathing, also known as  Breath Work, or Rebirthing.  When I began to experience menopause. I had mild hot flashes and and erratic mood swings, because of shifting hormone levels. When I scheduled an appointment for a Breath Work Session, I had never heard of Reiki.  My first experience with Reiki was in a private session.  The Practitioner I found was also a Reiki Master Teacher. The session was a wonderful success. My hot flashes were gone, never to return.  Reiki is often used to balance the Chakras. What I discovered later was that  many each of the Chakras corresponds to a glandular function of the body. Balancing the Chakras in the etheric fields affects the physical glandular function. Over time I discovered My hormones had  balanced.  shifted, and stabilized. Each woman’s situation is unique. Take the time to discover what will work for You. As time progresses hormone levels shift and change. Check in with Your Doctor, for a proper diagnosis. Holistic modalities may be used to balance  hormone production.  For Myself, I have accomplished this using Reflexology and Reiki. 
One of the greatest surprises for Me was discovery of a fantastic new  life was after menopause. As hormone production shifted, menstruation eventually stopped and cyclic mood swings stopped. New opportunities arose – I  become a Reiki Practitioner and Professional Foot Reflexology Practitioner. Positive permanent changes were made inn My life. I established My holistic practice – The Quartz Path. Recently, I launch this Blog – The Quartz Path.

Organize Your Life.

Autumn is drawing near. School has started, and the trees are starting to turn gold, orange and yellow. I love the colors of fall. The air is crisp and the sky is clear. Each autumn I am inspired to organize and regroup My environment. Autumn is definitely My favorite season. For the last few years have been a part time student and a busy entrepreneur. Recently, I completed advanced studies for The Progressive Reflexology Diploma, a post graduate program of study for reflexology. Mission accomplished – I obtained My certification and diploma at the end of June. One of My goals was to start and publish a Blog as soon as I completed the reflexology course. Many a project has been left on the back burner. Working on My Blog is a priority –  but I still have paperwork to organize and file, and a front and back yard to maintain !!! Anything worthwhile requires time and a serious commitment. Don’t You wish You had more time ?
  • Cultivate a sense of purpose.
  • Focus on creating priorities.
  •  Eliminate clutter – Donate items which are no longer in use.
  • Learn to say “No”.
  • Begin working to organise small areas – Tackle a drawer, or a closet.
  • Organise work stations for specific tasks.
  • When ever possible – delegate.
  • Create long and short term goals for Yourself.
  • Find time each day to relax.
  • Create atmosphere !!! Make Your space truly unique – Your space should be a reflection of who You really are !!!

There is always a way to get things done – the secret is to work smarter, not harder. Time management is truly an art form. The suggestions above should make a difference. However everyone is different and Your own personal schedule is unique to You.

My typical  strategy is to focus on the most difficult task at hand early in the day, week, or month. Once I have accomplished this, I move on to the easier less complicated tasks. This way as a deadline approaches, I am under less stress, as I complete the easier projects on My agenda. I plan the day, the week and the month ahead. Some projects are such as Income Tax, are annual. Other activities like  Christmas shopping or gardening are seasonal.

Eliminate clutter. This process will simplify You routines, and save valuable time. If You  are an entrepreneur,  sort and file through papers and receipts  on a regular basis, and You will not have to rush around as the tax deadline approaches to organise Your receipts and book keeping. Complete projects before starting on new endeavours. If I am busy working on an important project that is all I focus on. Completing the project is often a reward in itself.

An important result of a regular routine is to invent  a beautiful space where You live, work and relax. Another objective of organization is to create blocks of time where You are free to relax. Always remember this as You plan schedules and routines. Take time out to enjoy Yourself, splurge, relax, and have fun