The Wisdom And Teachings Of Reiki.

Mikao Usui taught and shared with His students the Reiki Principles. The purpose and meaning of the Principles  is to share the wisdom of Reiki. The Reiki Principles are often referred to as “The Reiki Ideals.” or “The Reiki Precepts”.  Reiki is more than another healing modality.  Reiki is a way of being. The Reiki Principles  build the  foundation of for the Usui System Of Natural Healing.  Although the origins of Reiki are may be traced to Buddhism, Reiki is not a religion. It was Mikao Usui’s clear intention that Reiki was to be shared,taught and practiced internationally,  by people of all different faiths.
Reiki Principles

 The Reiki Principles

1.Just for today, I will not anger.
Anger is an emotion which must be kept under control. Unleashed, anger harms every aspect of Our affairs. It destroys the body, clouds  judgement, and creates division and turmoil in families, communities and nations. When anger arises, look deeper as to how, why,  when or where this occurs. Record disturbances and stressors. If anger is an issue, keep a small journal close at hand, to monitor your feelings and behaviours. In moderation, anger motivates the soul to a greater purpose, but in excess, anger destroys.  Develop peace from within.

2. Just for today, I will not worry.         

Worry wears away life force as water flows over and around a stone. Through time the stone is worn down by the flow of the water. When one issue is resolved, another manifests. In the web of life, brush away the cobweb of trauma with stillness and peace. Mikao Usui  taught His  students to practice meditation daily, chanting the precepts, upon rising, and before retiring.

3.Just for today, I will be grateful for all of My many blessings.

Gratitude is key to to success . We forget to admire the beauty  that surrounds Us – The sun, the moon, the sky, the clouds, and the trees. We forget that life is a miracle and a gift. Every challenge You have  experienced is a soul choice, necessary for  growth and self mastery. When a person reflects back over  a lifetime,  challenges overcome are considered the greatest accomplishment. Focusing on the positive  already present gives the mind focus and clarity of purpose.

4. Just for today, I will do My work with honesty and integrity. 

 Do the best You can, in every given circumstance. There is always room for improvement. Persistence in all things leads to results. Being and doing Your best  over times builds confidence and success. Every task is worthy of your full attention and concentration. Finding joy in each moment dissolves tension,  frustration and worry.

5. Just for today, I will be kind to all living beings.                                                       

All life forms are sacred. Every person, every animal, every plant, every rock,  every element, and every particle of dust and soil.  We are all responsible for the thoughts and feelings we send out. Every action, thought, and feeling has an effect on the planet earth. The practice of kindness and compassion sets an example for others to follow.  Each vibration holds an intention. Each intention builds a thought. Each thought leads to an action. Each action becomes a habit.

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Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life.

Have You ever wondered what Reiki is all about ? Allow Me to share My experience        with You.  Reiki was instrumental in assisting Me to permanent  changes in My life.  As    I navigated through premenopause, I  developed uterine fibroids.  My diagnosis was not dangerous or life threatening, however I suffered from many of the typical symptoms of estrogen dominance. This included heavy bleeding for at least five days a month, combined with volatile mood swings. I was overwhelmed with the choices at hand. The first Doctor I spoke with recommended a specialist. A hysterectomy was suggested. I felt this was an extreme course of action. I decided to seek a second opinion. This Doctor suggested a different, less invasive options of medication or surgery.  Finally, I spoke with yet another Doctor.  I had attended school with Her in My childhood. She explained that uterine fibroids often shrink at the onset of menopause.  Because I was approaching this milestone, She suggested I wait to see what would happen, while continuing to check in with a medical doctor through out this process. This was the strategy I decided on. My next step was to visit the public library. I was determined to find an easier,  safer way to balance My hormones. I signed out books related to My health dilemma . My selections focused on a holistic approach to healing and wellness. Many of the symptoms I had suffered from dissolved as I investigated and experimented with a few strategies I discovered in My library books.
One of the healing modalities I have used with great success is Connected Breathing, also known as  Breath Work, or Rebirthing.  When I began to experience menopause. I had mild hot flashes and and erratic mood swings, because of shifting hormone levels. When I scheduled an appointment for a Breath Work Session, I had never heard of Reiki.  My first experience with Reiki was in a private session.  The Practitioner I found was also a Reiki Master Teacher. The session was a wonderful success. My hot flashes were gone, never to return.  Reiki is often used to balance the Chakras. What I discovered later was that  many each of the Chakras corresponds to a glandular function of the body. Balancing the Chakras in the etheric fields affects the physical glandular function. Over time I discovered My hormones had  balanced.  shifted, and stabilized. Each woman’s situation is unique. Take the time to discover what will work for You. As time progresses hormone levels shift and change. Check in with Your Doctor, for a proper diagnosis. Holistic modalities may be used to balance  hormone production.  For Myself, I have accomplished this using Reflexology and Reiki. 
One of the greatest surprises for Me was discovery of a fantastic new  life was after menopause. As hormone production shifted, menstruation eventually stopped and cyclic mood swings stopped. New opportunities arose – I  become a Reiki Practitioner and Professional Foot Reflexology Practitioner. Positive permanent changes were made inn My life. I established My holistic practice – The Quartz Path. Recently, I launch this Blog – The Quartz Path.

How To Clear The Energy In A Room.

Today I would like to share different strategies to clear the energy in a room or in a home.  Have You ever noticed the energy in a room after an emotional upset or any other heated dispute. The energy may feel heavy and stagnant. Alternatively, You may feel sharp prickly sensations. This environment may affect Your mood and your health. It is not necessary to wait for emotional upheaval to clear the energy in a home, room, or work space. I often like to follow this process as the seasons change.

A good first step is to air out the room – open the window and drapes, and let the sun shine in. Did You realise sunlight has the capacity to disinfect, bleach and cleanse. Take advantage of the sun’s solar power. If You are feeling ambitious, wash the walls and floors, dust all surfaces, and vacuum or wipe down the floors. For best results, use natural cleaning products. Be adventurous, and create  Your own recipes. You will feel better and notice the difference. Your own personal essence will also engulf the room. This is important because this is Your personal space.

There are many techniques You may wish to take advantage of – Many people like to smudge a room with sage. Others favour burning incense.  Although both of those approaches are excellent,  I use a combination of Reiki and Sound Waves to clear the energy in My Treatment Room, and all other areas in My home, because some of My clients report allergies on their health history record. Sound vibrations have the capacity to clear space, promote healing and well being. Remember to listen to Your favourite music !!! Clearing the energy in a room or home  allows You to create Your own personal oasis.

I always carry My Black Obsidian Crystal with Me.

Using Crystal energy is another way I clear the energy in My personal space. I carry a black obsidian and a smokey quartz crystal with Me, where ever I go, all of the time.  I use crystals extensively in My Treatment Room. If You enjoy a fragrant atmosphere, discover the world of essential oils. There are so many ways to use essential oils. Plants and herbs may also be used to improve the atmosphere. Always use caution, combined with common sense when working with essential oils and herbs. I recommend research on any product used of this nature. Plant essences have medicinal properties. Consult a reference book, or a professional practitioner trained in this area if You have any detailed questions.

Control clutter in all of Your personal space. This may seem an obvious suggestion, but it is a primary stress trigger for many people. Keys are misplaced, important papers are thrown out by accident, and phones are lost. Organise Your space on a regular basis. This is a great way to keep on track of important  goals and deadlines.  Recycle and donate items no longer in use. Complete unfinished projects. Accomplishing this will infuse a vibrant energy into a room.