How To Attract More Love Into Your Life

Love is a healing force. There are many channels through  which love may flow. Romantic love,  love of family and children, self love, love of one’s  home, community, or country. One thing is certain –  Everyone  and everything on the planet can use more love. Love is a priceless currency.   Our pets instinctively practice the art of unconditional love. Free of judgement,  a pet will remind us to stop and play or cuddle,  A pet is happy to see You after a long day at work. It is interesting to note owning a pet may improve health and well being. Animals teach and show Us the true value of love.



Many people seek  romantic love. With February 14  approaching,  Love will be merchandised one more time. Flowers, jewelry and chocolates will be delivered. Children will exchange Valentine’s Day cards. Many women create exquisite cupcakes and cookies for family and friend. Chocolates are always a great gift choice.


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Make a long list of all the people, places, and things You love. Take time out to create this list. After You have finished, set it aside in a heart shaped box. . The first time I created such a  list, I was surprised at how happy I felt as I completed this process. I felt fantastic because I was focusing on activities and things I loved. Each week take time out to review this  list.

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Everyone hopes and yearns  for love. The solution to this is very  simple. To experience more love in Your life, become a more loving person. Make love and compassion a daily process.  Give up sarcasm. gossip. and complaining. See the best qualities in every person Focus on solutions instead of problems. Find love from within. Share this love. Too many people build walls and obstacles with judgement and fear. Let go of grudges and learn to forgive people.

Emotional issues related to the heart include jealousy. Contrary to popular belief, jealousy is not an indication of love.  It is a sign of low self esteem. True love builds from within, and expands outward. The heart is the main component of the circulatory system. Cultivate habits to promote heart health. Heart disease may result with the introduction of  stress into a person’s life. Connect with others. Isolation builds fear into unseen monster.  Support a cause You believe in. Volunteers literally demonstrate the power of  ” love in action “.

The heart chakra is an energy vortex located  throughout the cardio plexus area of the body. The sanskrit name  for the heart chakra is Anahata. The seed sound is “Yam”. Green is the official color associated with this chakra. The thymus gland is the corresponding component of the endocrine system. If You are interested in learning more about the Chakras , I recommend this box kit. It includes a workbook, two audio CDs. and Chakra Cards. I was able to purchase this wonderful resource  directly  from the author, Anodea Judith,  at The Body Mind Soul Expo in Edmonton.



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  1. I loved your post. It all starts within us. I am learning about chakras and it is really interesting.

  2. This was a really interesting post! I’ve come to really enjoy your posts. You have such a unique voice! I really like the idea of making a list of people you love.

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