Eat Organic, Shop Organic

There are many benefits to purchasing organic food. Organic foods are grown without fertilizer, hormones, or pesticides. Pollutants and genetically engineering have created  risk factors in the food We eat.  Organic foods are Certified. There is an official inspection process involved, before a food or product may qualify to be sold as an “Organic” product. Organic fruit and vegetables contain superior amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Shopping organic is a process. Organic food is more expensive to grow and produce. It is also grown according to nature’s cycles. This means certain fruits and vegetables are only available in season. Because preservatives are not used to grow organic produce, it must be used up promptly.  I find it helpful to stock up on items as I find them. Sometimes,  when I discover organic vegetables on sale I buy extra amounts to freeze.  Traditional grocery stores have separate food stands and areas designated to sell organic produce and products. There is always the option of shopping a specialty  store such as at Planet Organic. Farmer’s Markets are a great option . My own personal strategy  is to shop at all of the above.

If You are feeling ambitious, consider designing and planting a small indoor herb garden for use indoors, in a kitchen. I say indoors, because where I reside, in Edmonton, Alberta, there is no other option. Winters are long and cold, snow is deep, and temperature can fall  below minus thirty degrees.  Purchase organic herb seeds for this project. Alternatively, find small plants at a greenhouse to design a mini herbal garden. Make sure to investigate which plants will grow successfully in the selected location. During the  summer, I grow vegetables and herbs outdoors. My typical selections for outdoor  gardening include green onions, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, zucchini, cucumber and tomatoes, apples, and rhubarb. Herbs include yarrow, lemon balm, chives, and rosemary. Each year is different, with some plants growing better than others. The end result always provides me with fresh organic fruit and produce. Gardening, indoors or outdoors is a great way to increase the amount of organic food in Your personal diet. Side effects include getting more exercise, fresh air and sunshine.



As You shop for organic food, You will notice how many toxic chemicals are used in household cleaners, detergents, and personal cosmetics. Start using gentler, less toxic products for household cleaning and personal care. Create Your own cleaners with vinegar, water, or baking soda. The above book includes an entire chapter on creating non toxic household cleaners.  Consider using a laundry ball for laundry. I use laundry balls with excellent results. This is a great option when allergies are a factor.


SupplyPro 2-Pack Laundry Balls Reusable Eco-Friendly Laundry Balls

Most cosmetics are laden with toxic chemicals. For My own personal use, I prefer to create My own personal skin care toners,  oils, and facial scrubs.  Almond oil is a wonderful oil for use on the complexion. If You are too busy for this, there are  product lines of gentler and eco friendly cosmetics available. Physician’s Formula is a popular brand easily found  at almost any drug store.


Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Make Up Kit








10 thoughts on “Eat Organic, Shop Organic

  1. I’ve heard a lot of the benefits of organic materials and foods. I will admit that I don’t always buy organic, though I am trying to get better about it. Essential oils are something that I want to continue looking into and getting into. One day, I’d love to grow an herb garden, but gardening is still not as appealing to me, yet. Hopefully, one day, I can get into it.

    1. Shopping and eating organic is a process – sometimes a person must make use of what is available.

  2. We’ve started buying more organic fruits and vegetables at our house. It’s more expensive, but it’s completely worth it! I’ve also started removing some of the more harmful chemical cleaners from my house, and I use essential oils every day. Love them! 🙂

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