Happy New Year

A New Year offers the promise of  fresh beginnings. Goals and New Years Resolutions are a great way to start the New Year. Setting goals is an important strategy for success and happiness.  I like to focus on both long term and short term goals.  Each year I take time out to create a list of goals and objectives  for the upcoming year.  I spend a minimum of an hour to reflect on what will be My focus on the year ahead. Typically,  My goals revolve around business, health and home renovations , but this year  I will add blogging to the mix. One of My goals last year was to start a WordPress Blog. I am most grateful to have reached this goal.. Thank You for joining Me on this journey.

Clear out clutter and complete unfinished business as the old year finishes. This will ensure a fresh and positive flow of new energy into the New Year.  Pay bills before the year’s end.  There is a fresh and exciting crackle in the air as 2018 approaches. I usually spend My New Year’s Eve at home, with a festive dinner and family.


Because I live in the Northern Hemisphere, winter will be in full swing as January starts.  Temperatures will drop, and snow will fall. Indoor activity  becomes the norm. This allows me time to indulge one of My favorite pass times – Reading.   Read all the books You have been meaning to read. Reading is the ultimate luxury. January offers time for rest and relaxation. Sleep and rest allow the physical body to recharge and rebuild. Pay attention to dreams during the winter. The dream world is a portal into our unconscious mind. Indigenous cultures value the messages found within the dream world. dreams. Dreams offer valuable guidance. Learn to listen within. Start a dream journal and record dreams consistently.


New Year Resolutions: Blank Journal

Ten Tips For Setting New Year’s Resolutions

  • Meditate before You begin. Clear and ground Yourself – This will give clarity and insight to creating Your new list.
  • Set up a beautiful area to work on this process. Beauty feeds the soul, and inspires the imagination. Flowers or essential oils create atmosphere.
  • Introduce  colour to support this process.
  • Review the past year. Make sure to celebrate all accomplishments and successes. If You have a list of goals from last year, take time to look at this.
  • Reflect on any obstacles  faced during the year. To acknowledge such an event is to develop self mastery under all circumstances. It is important to celebrate challenges  and successes.
  • Create goals for  all of the different areas of Your life – health, finances, career, relationships, or family.
  • Set aside special time to complete this process.  I would recommend a minimum of thirty minutes. An hour would be ideal.
  • Create a list of inspirational books You would like to read.
  • Invest in a journal for self reflection. This will give form and shape to goals, plans, lists and aspirations.
  • A vision board is a valuable tool for manifesting goals.            51Ldcfb2B5L._SX395_BO1,204,203,200_                                                            The Vision Board: THE SECRET TO AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE

Peace On Earth


One of My favorite stories is “The Prince and The Pauper”. A novel written by Mark Twain published in 1881 in Canada. My first exposure to this work was the  comic book adaption, by Classic Comics.  My Uncle Chris had a collection of vintage comic books. When ever I would visit My Uncle and Aunt, I would end up in the basement,  to read the comics. Eventually I graduated to  His collection of Earle Stanley Gardner  detective novels, specifically, Perry Mason.

Without delving too deeply into the plot I offer this  brief synopsis – Two identical  looking boys, one a prince, the other, a pauper, end up mistaken for each other. Through a series of events  the prince assumes the identity of the pauper, and the pauper assumes the identity of the prince. With their roles reversed, each boy faces unexpected challenges and each boy gains a new insight  on life. The prince witnesses the struggles and injustices of the common man. The Pauper experiences the lifestyle of the prince.

“The Prince and the Pauper” contains  all the hallmarks of Mark Twain’s unique story telling style. However, for Me, the true impact of the tale was the dynamic idea that if our roles were reversed, We would have more empathy for one another. Secondly, life would be boring if We had no challenges or obstacles to overcome. Empathy is being able to imagine the circumstances and emotions of another. Imagine how others feel when faced with obstacles and challenges. We are all too quick to judge others without giving consideration.

2015-12-25 13.59.06

Many sensitive people  absorb the  emotional  energy  of others around them. This may happen any where – in a shopping mall, at work, at school, or at the library.  In Reiki or any other form of  Energy Healing,  a sensitive person such a this is called an empath. An empath literally absorbs the energy around the auric field. This would include emotional energy such as fear, sadness, anger or grief. For an empath, this is devastating. To counteract this, an empath may develop ways  to deal with this. One excellent strategy  for an empath is to spend more time in a natural atmosphere. Natural environments have a healing effect. Spending time alone is essential for an empath. Take refuge in the wind, the sun, the stars and the wind.

The Quartz Path Roses

Because I am a practitioner of Reiki, I use it  to clear energy fields around My aura and immediate environment each day, every day. I am also able to assist My Clients with this. Reiki is a highly effective tool for transmuting vibrational energies. When the energy in a room feels stale , open the windows to let in fresh air and sunshine. Burning a fragrant candle or incense is another option.  Christmas Day is a day of peace and prayer. It is a day of reflection, it is a day of quiet, it is a day of universal love. The vibrational energy during this day may be felt around the planet. Peace be with You on this sacred day. Merry Christmas to You !!!







The Winter Solstice

December 21st marks the shortest day of the year. The Northern Hemisphere tilts away from the sun. This results in less light, and cooler temperatures. It is also the longest night of the year.  After the Winter Solstice, daylight and sunshine will increase  day by day, week by week, and month by month, until finally, the summer solstice arrived. The word solstice originates from Latin and means “sun stands still”. There are two solstices annually. The seasons and solstices are reversed, in the Southern Hemisphere.

In ancient times, the celebration of Yule fell during this time. The Wicca Wheel of the Year designates  the solar year is ruled by two opposing forces. The Oak King rules the waxing year from December 21st until June 21st, as the daylight hours increase. The Holly King prevailed  from June 21st until December 21st, during the waning year, as daylight hours decrease.  Legend reveals during each Solstice, the Oak King and the Holly King  battle for the hand of the Goddess. Each King rules the land in during the His official season.



It is no coincidence that evergreens and holly are symbols of the winter season. The Pagan cultures of Northern Europe observed a twelve day festival known as Yule. At the start of winter, livestock was slaughtered because food was scarce during the colder weather. In this way, a herd would not have to be fed and maintained over the winter. Many Christmas  traditions evolved from the Yule Celebration. The Christmas Tree, the Christmas Wreath, and the Yule Log are evidence  of this.  The celebration of Yule allowed people an opportunity to turn inward.  A theme of rebirth and renewal was emphasised with the return of the Sun. Divination and Dream Work became the focus of long and cold winter nights. Visiting with family was important for survival. Communities celebrated by gathering for meals.

Herbs for the Winter Solstice

In an era before pharmaceutical intervention,   a knowledge of herbs and spices was crucial to survival. The traditional Winter Solstice herbs held many medicinal properties. This would have been helpful as winter progressed. Many of herbs were typically prepared as an infusion, or a tea.  There is a return to the use of natural herbs and spices. The popularity of essential oils is wonderful to witness.

Remember to consult a doctor if You require medical attention. In this way, You will recieve a proper diagnosis for a condition. Your doctor may also suggest lab tests or x-rays. When working with herbs and essential oils I recommend using a reference book. The book I recommend is The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy. This book is a wonderful resource.


The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

The information in this book is extensive It includes  information and recipes for  health and healing, beauty and cosmetics,  as well as household cleaners. With the renewed interest of essential oils this is a perfect reference book.  I have personally  used this book for years – I highly recommend it,

The following herbs were used during Yule celebrations:

  • Holly
  • Cedar
  • Mistletoe
  • Juniper
  • Bay
  • Ash
  • Frankincense
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