How To Clear The Energy In A Room.

Today I would like to share different strategies to clear the energy in a room or in a home.  Have You ever noticed the energy in a room after an emotional upset or any other heated dispute. The energy may feel heavy and stagnant. Alternatively, You may feel sharp prickly sensations. This environment may affect Your mood and your health. It is not necessary to wait for emotional upheaval to clear the energy in a home, room, or work space. I often like to follow this process as the seasons change.

A good first step is to air out the room – open the window and drapes, and let the sun shine in. Did You realise sunlight has the capacity to disinfect, bleach and cleanse. Take advantage of the sun’s solar power. If You are feeling ambitious, wash the walls and floors, dust all surfaces, and vacuum or wipe down the floors. For best results, use natural cleaning products. Be adventurous, and create  Your own recipes. You will feel better and notice the difference. Your own personal essence will also engulf the room. This is important because this is Your personal space.

There are many techniques You may wish to take advantage of – Many people like to smudge a room with sage. Others favour burning incense.  Although both of those approaches are excellent,  I use a combination of Reiki and Sound Waves to clear the energy in My Treatment Room, and all other areas in My home, because some of My clients report allergies on their health history record. Sound vibrations have the capacity to clear space, promote healing and well being. Remember to listen to Your favourite music !!! Clearing the energy in a room or home  allows You to create Your own personal oasis.

I always carry My Black Obsidian Crystal with Me.

Using Crystal energy is another way I clear the energy in My personal space. I carry a black obsidian and a smokey quartz crystal with Me, where ever I go, all of the time.  I use crystals extensively in My Treatment Room. If You enjoy a fragrant atmosphere, discover the world of essential oils. There are so many ways to use essential oils. Plants and herbs may also be used to improve the atmosphere. Always use caution, combined with common sense when working with essential oils and herbs. I recommend research on any product used of this nature. Plant essences have medicinal properties. Consult a reference book, or a professional practitioner trained in this area if You have any detailed questions.

Control clutter in all of Your personal space. This may seem an obvious suggestion, but it is a primary stress trigger for many people. Keys are misplaced, important papers are thrown out by accident, and phones are lost. Organise Your space on a regular basis. This is a great way to keep on track of important  goals and deadlines.  Recycle and donate items no longer in use. Complete unfinished projects. Accomplishing this will infuse a vibrant energy into a room.


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    1. Salt lamps are wonderful – I keep one in the area by My computer in My office. Occasionally I store crystals in a small box filled with Himalayan Rock Salt.

  1. Where do you buy your crystals? I’ve done smudging with sage several times now. Clutter definitely makes me feel stressed.

    1. The quartz crystals I use during Reiki Sessions were obtained in Reiki Classes I have attended through the years. In My experience, a crystal will find Me !!! On many occasions I have received a crystal as a gift. When I elect to buy a crystal, I typically shop at a metaphysical book store or trade show.

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