How to Choose a Holistic Practitioner

When You decide to book an appointment for a  holistic therapy session, research qualifications of any holistic practitioner. Many will belong to a professional association.
Ask questions. A simple phone call or email will deliver results. What training, background and experience does this person have ? What holistic services are offered ?Word of mouth is still a reliable and popular method of searching for information.
Family, friends or colleagues may offer suggestions. Another option is to search online for reviews on Google Plus or Yelp. Many people research for health online. Investigate everything.. Visit the public library to search for books and DVD’s.  Because holistic therapies are not a substitute for medical care obtain the consent of Your doctor if You have a medical condition.

Book an appointment when You feel rapport with a holistic therapist. Trust Yourself – The decision to heal is part of Your unique healing process. It is important to trust Your intuition. Healing begins from within. Making an appointment for a  session may feel frightening . Many people ignore the body’s need for rest and relaxation until disease comes calling. Never ignore signals and messages the body sends out. Only You know how You really feel inside.  Over time stress creates illness. When You make a decision to reverse this, be patient with Yourself.  Transform old habits and develop a plan for wellness and vitality. This process is could be compared to weeding out the old  clothes You may have in Your closet. Some outfits are old, outdated, or worn out. Other garments no longer fit – physically or emotionally. To create a fresh and new look, You may have to let go of what no longer works. Just as We may form an attachment to a favourite sweater, our regular routines often bring us comfort. Changing this is stressful. We seek comfort out of routine, even if is unhealthy. Healing begins at a point where We no longer accept less for ourselves.

September  18 to September 24 is World Reflexology Week.  Because of this I would like to provide readers with a comprehensive list of benefits reflexology could provide. My intention is to provide valuable information and resources related to reflexology.

Reflexology is a gentle holistic pressure  therapy. Each of the feet contain 7200 reflex points with correspondences  to every organ, gland, bone, and tissue in the body. A light three to five pound pressure is used over the plantar, dorsal, medial and lateral surfaces of the feet. The  pressure used may be used to stimulate or sedate reflex areas as required, according to a Client’s specific health record. A professional foot reflexology session offers many benefits..

Reflexology 2
Dorsal Left & Right View

The Benefits of Reflexology

  • Relaxation of the central nervous system might improve the quality of sleep.
  • Stimulation of the immune/lymphatic system could build and improve immune function.
  • Stimulation of the endocrine system might promote hormone production and balance and improved glandular function.
  • Elimination of toxins via the various body systems – urinary, digestive, respiratory, and  the skin.
  • Improved vitality and energy                            Oppulent-2BLiving.jpg

Organize Your Life.

Autumn is drawing near. School has started, and the trees are starting to turn gold, orange and yellow. I love the colors of fall. The air is crisp and the sky is clear. Each autumn I am inspired to organize and regroup My environment. Autumn is definitely My favorite season. For the last few years have been a part time student and a busy entrepreneur. Recently, I completed advanced studies for The Progressive Reflexology Diploma, a post graduate program of study for reflexology. Mission accomplished – I obtained My certification and diploma at the end of June. One of My goals was to start and publish a Blog as soon as I completed the reflexology course. Many a project has been left on the back burner. Working on My Blog is a priority –  but I still have paperwork to organize and file, and a front and back yard to maintain !!! Anything worthwhile requires time and a serious commitment. Don’t You wish You had more time ?
  • Cultivate a sense of purpose.
  • Focus on creating priorities.
  •  Eliminate clutter – Donate items which are no longer in use.
  • Learn to say “No”.
  • Begin working to organise small areas – Tackle a drawer, or a closet.
  • Organise work stations for specific tasks.
  • When ever possible – delegate.
  • Create long and short term goals for Yourself.
  • Find time each day to relax.
  • Create atmosphere !!! Make Your space truly unique – Your space should be a reflection of who You really are !!!

There is always a way to get things done – the secret is to work smarter, not harder. Time management is truly an art form. The suggestions above should make a difference. However everyone is different and Your own personal schedule is unique to You.

My typical  strategy is to focus on the most difficult task at hand early in the day, week, or month. Once I have accomplished this, I move on to the easier less complicated tasks. This way as a deadline approaches, I am under less stress, as I complete the easier projects on My agenda. I plan the day, the week and the month ahead. Some projects are such as Income Tax, are annual. Other activities like  Christmas shopping or gardening are seasonal.

Eliminate clutter. This process will simplify You routines, and save valuable time. If You  are an entrepreneur,  sort and file through papers and receipts  on a regular basis, and You will not have to rush around as the tax deadline approaches to organise Your receipts and book keeping. Complete projects before starting on new endeavours. If I am busy working on an important project that is all I focus on. Completing the project is often a reward in itself.

An important result of a regular routine is to invent  a beautiful space where You live, work and relax. Another objective of organization is to create blocks of time where You are free to relax. Always remember this as You plan schedules and routines. Take time out to enjoy Yourself, splurge, relax, and have fun

How To Clear The Energy In A Room.

Today I would like to share different strategies to clear the energy in a room or in a home.  Have You ever noticed the energy in a room after an emotional upset or any other heated dispute. The energy may feel heavy and stagnant. Alternatively, You may feel sharp prickly sensations. This environment may affect Your mood and your health. It is not necessary to wait for emotional upheaval to clear the energy in a home, room, or work space. I often like to follow this process as the seasons change.

A good first step is to air out the room – open the window and drapes, and let the sun shine in. Did You realise sunlight has the capacity to disinfect, bleach and cleanse. Take advantage of the sun’s solar power. If You are feeling ambitious, wash the walls and floors, dust all surfaces, and vacuum or wipe down the floors. For best results, use natural cleaning products. Be adventurous, and create  Your own recipes. You will feel better and notice the difference. Your own personal essence will also engulf the room. This is important because this is Your personal space.

There are many techniques You may wish to take advantage of – Many people like to smudge a room with sage. Others favour burning incense.  Although both of those approaches are excellent,  I use a combination of Reiki and Sound Waves to clear the energy in My Treatment Room, and all other areas in My home, because some of My clients report allergies on their health history record. Sound vibrations have the capacity to clear space, promote healing and well being. Remember to listen to Your favourite music !!! Clearing the energy in a room or home  allows You to create Your own personal oasis.

I always carry My Black Obsidian Crystal with Me.

Using Crystal energy is another way I clear the energy in My personal space. I carry a black obsidian and a smokey quartz crystal with Me, where ever I go, all of the time.  I use crystals extensively in My Treatment Room. If You enjoy a fragrant atmosphere, discover the world of essential oils. There are so many ways to use essential oils. Plants and herbs may also be used to improve the atmosphere. Always use caution, combined with common sense when working with essential oils and herbs. I recommend research on any product used of this nature. Plant essences have medicinal properties. Consult a reference book, or a professional practitioner trained in this area if You have any detailed questions.

Control clutter in all of Your personal space. This may seem an obvious suggestion, but it is a primary stress trigger for many people. Keys are misplaced, important papers are thrown out by accident, and phones are lost. Organise Your space on a regular basis. This is a great way to keep on track of important  goals and deadlines.  Recycle and donate items no longer in use. Complete unfinished projects. Accomplishing this will infuse a vibrant energy into a room.