Relaxation And Reiki.

Deadlines, death, debt, divorce and disaster – these stories  are plastered over the billboards of our minds. To complicate matters, art  imitates life, so the same tales are reflected back to us in books, movies,  and social media. Last week I posted an article on how reflexology might help a Client to relax.   This week I would like to discuss how Reiki could help combat stress.  The effects of stress often lead to the following health complications:

  • Insomnia
  • Digestive problems
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • A lethargic disposition
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

If these problems are chronic talk to Your doctor. A complete medical examination may be necessary. Your doctor may suggest  tests, x-rays  or an ultrasound. Ask questions. Your health is important. You need to investigate all of the options to make informed health decisions.

A Reiki session is a wonderful option to consider if You are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or tense.  A traditional full length session lasts one hour. The tranquil essence of Reiki facilitates relaxation, and dissolves tension. If You are interested in a quick pick me up, a shorter session is great, too. For this, I recommend a Reiki Chakra Balance. This is a 30 minute session, conducted as a Client sits on a chair. The seven Chakras are treated and balanced.  Each of the Chakras corresponds with a glandular function of the endocrine system in the body.

  • Crown Chakra – Pineal
  • Third Eye Chakra – Pituitary
  • Throat Chakra – Thyroid
  • Heart Chakra – Thymus
  • Solar Plexus Chakra –  Pancreas
  • Sacral Chakra – Gonads
  • Root Chakra – Adrenal

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A Reiki session gives a Client the opportunity to clear the mind, body and spirit of tension, stress, and discord. The muscles relax,and the mind releases worry, allowing the spirit to surface. In this quiet the still voice of spirit offers a connection to incredible guidance and insight. The spirit reminds us of who we really are. In our hearts we know there is so much more. In fact the power of spirit is infinite. Because Reiki has the capacity to accesses this, it is a powerful healing mechanism.

Each person will have a different and unique experience during a Reiki session. Some people may feel a drop in body temperature. Some experience tingling and vibration through out the body. Others will  notice heat and energy in the room. Still others will feel nothing at all. Occasionally a Client may enter the dream state, experience colours, or vision.

Relaxation is the key to a peaceful and restful sleep . During the night while We sleep the body recharges. The cells in all of our organs, bones, and tissues rebuilds. This is why a good night’s sleep is a crucial building block to health and wellness. Sleep also provides an entrance into our dreamscape. Our dreams remind us of who we are and why we are here.

Fresh air provides another  important key to wellness. Proper breathing allows us to increase our intake of oxygen. This improves our respiratory and cardiovascular system function.  The immune system benefits too – wastes are processed through the lymph nodes, and expelled from the body.