Eliminate Stress From Your Life.

Stress destroys health and wellness. Our  central nervous system is wired to signal approaching danger –  We all have a fight or flight response. Under stress, the body may release stress hormones adrenaline  and cortisol.  This is a important mechanism to ensure the survival of the species – a reaction is a normal part of our existence. We simply need to recognize these reactions, and determine when urgency and danger are close at hand. Natural disasters, wars, and illness have created upheaval for mankind since ancient times. Modern day stress triggers include school, work, debt, marriage, birth, divorce, and death.

A  traditional foot reflexology session is a wonderful  tool to combat stress. This is because a professional  foot reflexologist will work on the reflexes for the endocrine system. This includes priority work on all of  the endocrine gland reflexes –  the pituitary gland reflexes,  the thyroid gland reflexes and the adrenal gland reflexes. This could be helpful in regulating  and adjusting the flow and balance of hormones in the body. During a reflexology session, work is also conducted on the reflexes of the central nervous system, which, would include work on the spinal vertebrae reflexes. This could help a client to relax  with a tranquil sleep. Rest is an important element in maintaining wellness. Reflexology is beneficial in so many ways – work on the immune and lymphatic system reflexes might assist lymphatic drainage, and strengthen the  immune system,  while work on the digestive system reflexes could help to improve the digestive process.

Reflexology 2
Dorsal Left & Right Veiw


Relaxation is not a luxury. Create a wellness schedule for Yourself. One of the most important habits to cultivate is a restful night of sleep. During the sleep cycle, the body recharges. The cells of the body have an opportunity to rebuild.  The organs and glands rest. A warm  bath in the evening could  help relax tense muscles. Avoid stimulants such as coffee or chocolate before bedtime.

Take some time to plan regular meals.  Have an assortment of healthy snacks, packaged and ready. This is a great way to prevent low blood sugar throughout Your day. Select a balance of foods from each of the food groups on the food pyramid. This would include grains, fruit, vegetables, meat (or meat substitutes such as beans and nuts), dairy, and fats. Whenever possible shop organic.  If You have specific health issues, ask Your doctor for a referral for a professional dietitian.

Create a block of time for Yourself to relax, enjoy life, and have fun. Read, write, sleep, work on a creative  project, listen to music, watch a film, or spend time with family and friends. When stress arrives at the door, take time out to consider all possible options and strategies. Learn to face challenges head on – this is a key to self mastery. Procrastination is a habit which allows problems to grow to mammoth proportions. Design schedules for Your activities, in order to make the most of Your time.  Learn to delegate, and learn to say no. Always remember, laughter is the best medicine !










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