How Our Emotions Affect Our Health.

Our emotional state has a direct impact on our physical health.  This important aspect  of wellness is often overlooked  or  totally ignored.  Consider the following  selection of words and phrases – ” broken heart”,  “black balled”,  “blue in the face”,  “pissed off”, “my blood was boiling”, “green with envy”. Our emotions and words have the capacity to build or destroy health.

Reflect on the way You have been feeling and how often You select words and thoughts which build strength, love and joy. This is an essential step toward creating wellness. Your words and thoughts will reflect  Your state of mind.  Learn to schedule time to relax and breathe. Meditation, yoga, exercise, fresh air and sunshine are the building blocks of tranquility. Quiet time builds inner resilience.

The mind-body connection is well known and documented.  Life’s challenges often precede illness.  Birth, death, love,  and war build  the landscape of life. Our adaptability to stress and change determines our health.  Whether happy or sad,  content or angry, remember emotions are transitory.  It is important to feel all of our emotions, for all of our emotions require acknowledgement and acceptance.  The  danger begins when one emotion begins to control and consume  all of  our thoughts and actions.