What is Your Favorite Color ?


Color affects our well being.  I happen to love green, but I would have to say almost every color has a place and purpose.  Because color affects our moods, it is important to select colors that will enhance our current objectives.  Cool colors have  a calming effect. Warm colors offer stimulation. The color red may increase body tension and stimulate the nervous system. Neutral colors and earth tones are nurturing, and provide a sense of security. Colors have symbolic and spiritual meaning. Many meditations use color as a visualization tool.

Remember the electromagnetic spectrum, in science class.  “ROY G BIV” represents the following  colors, in a sequence of decreasing wavelength – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Color is a manifestation of visible light. Color reflects light. White reflects 89%,  while black reflects 2%. Color is electromagnetic energy. If white is added, it is classified as a tint.  If black is added  the result is considered a shade.

Color is an exciting and valuable tool to utilize when making lifestyle changes. Often people are drawn to a favorite color. Follow Your intuition and make use of a color You love. Start with small changes, and see where this leads. Through time, You may find Your preferences change. What appealed to You five years ago may seem inappropriate now.









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