All About Reiki.

What is Reiki ?  Regardless of experience or geography, this question is asked of  all Reiki Practitioners ! To visualize what Reiki  truly is, think of an electrical current. You can not see exactly what an electrical current is , yet energy is definitely there as it flows through an electrical cord, to turn on the lights, or power appliances.   Reiki is a gentle holistic therapy which utilizes several strategies. In a traditional Japanese Reiki Session, hand positions are used as a protocol to transfer the healing vibrational energy current to the client. Typically, such a session would take place on a massage table, but Reiki is an adaptable and versatile healing modality.  A shorter session may be conducted,  as a client sits upright in a chair. Reiki is used to  clear the  energy within a room, a home, an office, or to charge and program crystals.  Reiki may also be used for  long distance healing and in shamanic healing protocols – transcending   time and space.  The photograph below features one of My favorite Reiki healing crystals.

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