Reflexology works on a simple principal – feet mirror the body. There are 7200 reflex points in each of your feet. Each and every one of theses reflexes correspond to the organs, glands, bones, tissues, and cells of the body. Three to five pounds of pressure is systematically applied to the entire foot. Pressure applied to these areas could affect energy and vitality in the body. The  feet reveal the health and wellness of a Client. Many people have foot conditions which reflect serious health problems and issues.

All areas of the foot are included in a  full traditional reflexology session. This would include the plantar, the dorsal, the medial and lateral views. This protocol may either stimulate or sedate the body’s healing responses depending on a client’s health and well being. Relaxation is one of the most important benefits of reflexology. Reflexology may be adapted to address Your unique healing process. If you have specific health concerns, this is discussed initially in a consultation.  A typical session is usually  sixty minutes. A session may be designed to assist a Client with back problems, insomnia, diabetes, pregnancy, or thyroid issues. Reflexology is a safe effective treatment for people of all ages. A Reflexology Session may be performed on the hands, the ears, the feet, or the face.








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