Welcome to The Quartz Path.

Holistic therapies are no longer considered “alternative.” Reflexology is an incredible healing modality practiced around the world. Reiki is recognized internationally as a valuable therapy. Physicians routinely prescribe  massage therapy for patients. At last We have the advantage of combining  a scientific, medical diagnosis within the holistic framework of body, mind and spirit.

Hello and welcome to  The Quartz Path – I am  happy You have decided  to connect with Me on My Blog. I look forward to sharing information with You. Your health and tranquility are a priority. Where would You like to begin ? Are You familiar with reflexology ? Have You ever heard of Reiki ?  Are You ready to begin Your healing process ?  Always remember, knowledge is power. Once You have embarked on the path to wholeness , You will feel in balance with Your destiny.  Unify the essence of Spirit with the mind and the body.










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